marca 03, 2010

[Cynthia is eating Ding Dongs]
Cynthia Hooper: These are my all-time favorites. When I was in Virginia, they didn't call them "Ding Dongs", they called them "King Don's", I mean, on the package, and I'm saying, "Why weren't they called 'Ding Dongs' in Virginia? I mean, like, what law does that violate, right?
Dr. Mark Greene: What I can't figure out, maybe you can help me with this. Ding Dongs, Ho Hos. Same food, just different shape. How do they get away with that?
Cynthia Hooper: That's right!
Dr. Mark Greene: Why are they pretending that they're two different things? Ding Dong - Ho Ho conspiracy.

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